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Lesson 1-01  Welcome to Science 1-Syllabus

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 MODULE 1:  Introduction to Science 1

Opened August 24, 2010-Complete by August 25


LESSON 1.01 – Welcome to Science 1/Syllabus

Standard:  IE1.a



Welcome to Science 1!


In this course you will study science using tools available to you online.  This course will cover the California Content Standards for Earth Science and is a required course to graduate from high school in Clovis Unified School District (unless you take Chemistry or Physics-you are required to have one physical science class to graduate).  Lessons are structured in such a way as to make it possible for you to access your Science 1 class from anywhere you have web access.  You will be interacting with your teacher as well as your fellow Science 1 classmates.  You will do assignments, activities, labs and assessments all online with only a few exceptions throughout this school year.  So let’s get started!



This Science 1 course is set up in Modules.  Each module contains a set of lessons which all pertain to the module’s Unit of Study.  Here is what you will be studying this year:



1.  Introduction to Science 1

2.  Nature of Earth Science

3.  Stars & Galaxies

4.  Solar System & Early Earth

5.  Climate

6.  Ocean Currents

7.  Solar & Heat Energy

8.  Atmosphere

9.  Geologic Time & Maps

10.  Plate Tectonics

11.  Volcanoes & Earthquakes

12.  Rocks & Rock Cycle

13.  Biogeochemical Cycles

14.  California Geology

15.  Introduction to Biology

16.  Plants & Animals



  1. Click on this link:  California Content Standards for Earth Science and read (skim-I will explain more later) over them. 

Question:  What is one topic you learned you will be studying?


  1. Click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgr9J8bHkCo) to watch a video about the globalization of education.  (Depending on your computer setup and connection speed, you may have to give videos about 5 min. to load.) 

Question:  What is one thing you learned about the globalization of education?  How is this changing education?


  1. Click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCJ46vyR9o&feature=PlayList&p=525BBA47F6BDDC8D&index=2) to watch another video about students today.  

Question:  What is the one part of this video you most agree with and why?


4. Send an email to danohara@cos.cusd.com telling me what you think of science.  (Note: When emailing your teacher, please put something in the subject line like: cos-joesmith-assignment1.02


Create a word document.  Copy and paste the above questions and then put your answers in the word document.

The heading on this paper in the upper left hand corner should be:

Firstname LastName

Today's Date


1.01 - Welcome to Science


The name of this document or file name of this document should be:  sci1_1_01FirstNameLastName



1.01a Upload your document in the assignment area.

1.01b Put the date and time you emailed your teacher.



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