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Lesson 2-07 Qualitative vs Quantitative

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LESSON 2.07 – Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Standard:  IE1.a, k, l




In this lesson you will learn the difference between the terms qualitative and quantitative.




Many times there are qualitative and quantitative components to science experiments. 


Qualitative data describes the situation and reaction in descriptive terms.  For example, qualitative involves the senses including sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell.  This would include color and shape. 


Quantitative includes those things that can be measured.  For example, describing something as a square would be qualitative, but measuring it and stating that it is 2 cm. by 2 cm. is quantitative. 


One way to remember the difference between these terms is that a qualitative description tells you the "quality" of the item (big, little, red, sweet) and a quantitative description gives you a "quantity" you can measure (80.5 kg, .0035g, 5.35 x10^-6m).



Click here (http://www.regentsprep.org/Regents/math/ALGEBRA/AD1/qualquant.htm) and read the chart comparing qualitative and quantitative.




  1. Open the file 2.07-Qualitative vs Quantitative.doc
  2. Follow the directions to complete it.
  3. Turn it in.



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